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Quran Speakers

by Hosam Hegi 21 Sep 2020

In fast-growing life with all technological developments, it has become necessary for every Muslim to inculcate such technology-oriented gadgets that will help them to save their time and also aid them in time-saving.

Therefore, offers a Hifi Quran Speakers which are meant to establish a foster relationship of every Muslim with the Quran. These are not conventional speakers but one step ahead, it’s a multipurpose Quran Speaker, you can use it to listen Quran and can also use it for lightening purpose (see our Quran Speakers with Lamp).

It is a Quran Speakers with HD quality and is featured with an extensive collection of Quran recitation, translation, and Tafseer. It is an 8 GB Quran Speakers which gives you to maintain a large size of the library and you can access your library with a remote control with ease and dexterity. Its LED provides you with a clear visibility of your recorded library which you can access without any hassle or time wasting. It has the feature of voice recording, through which you can record your voice and later can be judged to improve your Qira’at.

The feature of Quran Speakers:

  • 23 full Quran Recitation
  • 16 Quran Translation
  • Tafseer
  • Hisnul Muslim
  • Ruqyah
  • Intelligent remote control (direct access to saved surahs and bookmarking)
  • Voice recording
  • USB Port for connectivity/ SD card
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • Auto Sleep



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