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Al Khair Arabic Coffee & Tea

by Hosam Hegi 15 Sep 2021
al khair coffee

In year 1935 when the King Abdul-Aziz was the Arabic kingdom Saudi Arabia under leadership family of Saud have mercy him Allah, opening for the commerce the doors and the horizon and domain of the commerce and the craftsman flourishes so the father Abd God rose safe baashnfr have mercy him Allah in establishment her company of headquarter is Ethiopian then afterwards bases (office benevolent for the commerce general) in year 1966 m for export of the coffee for the Arabic kingdom Saudi Arabia to commercial mark registered of endurance of name registers step of success in making of justified import of the coffee (baashnfr). Postmortem the father have mercy him Allah in year 1975 decided his sons in to walks on wrote him and imitating there in his panting and observances in what Turks to loves from valuable and practical principles and experiences.


Our products:

Al-Khair Company for Industry and Trade. We offer the best products with high quality, and our success is a huge effort by our team. We are always working to provide products to our customers with various specifications and high quality.




Mersal Arabic Coffee:

  • Al-Mersal Coffee: Ready Arabic coffee prepared with a special mixture Coffee, Cardamom, Coffee spices, Owed, Saffron, Special mixture.

Alkhair Turkish coffee:

  • Turkish Premium Coffee Plain without cardamom: A cup of coffee maintains affection for forty years. This is how the Turks express their thanks and gratitude for this service. It indicates the extent of its association with coffee and its importance, as it began to inhale the aroma of luxury Turkish coffee and enjoy its unique taste.

Arabian Coffee with cardamom:

arabic coffee

  • Arabic Coffee with Cardamom: produced from the best Harrari coffee beans. A distinctive taste of premium Arabic coffee from the finest carefully selected coffee beans.
Express Instant Arabic Coffee With Cardamom ) Arabex(:

  • Arabex: Your coffee with you wherever you are، this coffee has been picked very carefully from the finest coffee beans and the richest flavor. We added luxurious cardamom for your guests to enjoy the wonderful and authentic Arabic coffee flavor with every sip



Black (red) tea leaves are aromatic. It is prepared from green tea leaves after carrying out the oxidation process, and both types have harmful natural caffeine and bioflavonoid oxidation compounds. They negatively activate the nervous system by disrupting nerve receptors in the brain, as they dissolve some fats and burn high calories. And tea contains polyphenols and flavonoids antioxidants. Although tea is a stimulant for the presence of caffeine, it can cause some users to feel weak, weak, constipation, indigestion and insomnia.

  • Tea Box: A beautiful and wonderful morning begins with our blend of rich black tea, which helps you unleash energy and add the virtues of sunshine to your day.


Cardamom is one of the herbs and spices that improve the taste and flavor of food. It also has many health benefits. It helps regulate blood pressure, boosts immunity, and is effective in fighting various body problems.

Karak tea:

  • Alkhair Karak Tea: its mixture of premium tea leaves carefully selected with milk.


  • Cappuccino: The distinctive wonderful taste of capchinoa straight to prepare, distinctive and delicious taste enriched with the distinctive flavors of the wonderful cappuccino.


The difference, distinction and diversity in the products are what distinguishes the different and varied taste of Arabic coffee and tea, as well as other products such as cappuccino. A unique and diverse experience with authentic and distinctive Arab flavors.

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