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by teem online 10 Oct 2020



The fragile chips first appeared in the city of Namur, located on the River Muir, which is located in Belgium; It was the custom of the inhabitants of this city to celebrate annually the festival of fried small river fish, so the chefs caught fish and cooked in front of a crowd of people, and as a result of the freezing of the river water in 1781 and the impossibility of fishing from it, one of the chefs thought of cutting potatoes into fingers suggesting the same shapes of small fish. By frying it, people were dazzled and his invention spread to the rest of the world.

The fragile chips first appeared in the city of Namur, located on the River Muir, which is located in Belgium

Then, in 1835, Cornelius Vanderbilt went to Saratoga Springs in New York to eat French fries, which were served by head chef George Crum, but he did not like because he found them thick and asked George to cut them into slices, so George got angry and cut them until they became paper-thick after he Its frying pan was named Saratoga fillet and it became the favorite dish of all customers. But the chips did not spread around the world until 1926 when Mrs. Scudder produced and packed them into paper packages, and they became popular in America.

Food historian Pierre Leclerc said in an interview with the French newspaper that published the article on World Belgian Cheese Day, even if the Belgians don't like it, todays potatoes are basically Parisian.


Belgian traditions claim that the original potato larvae were in a Belgian city, where the locals were fond of fried fish, and in the winter, when the Meuse River froze in 1680, they fried potatoes instead and from here originated the "frites pommes" or fried fingers. According to the Belgian novel .







And the BBC had another opinion, when it reported a story saying that American soldiers who served in World War I were the main reason for spreading French fries during that period, as that was their favorite food.

Nevertheless, Leclerc views the Belgian origin as "logically unacceptable", stating that it was not until 1735 that potatoes were introduced into the region, and that even then the plant that appeared in Belgium was not essentially similar to the potato.


Paris is based on traditions that were clearly known in Europe, when fried potatoes were sold under the name “pomme Pont-neuf” on the oldest bridge in Paris, “Pont Neuf” in the late eighteenth century, which may confirm their French origins.


Natural potato chips:

The oldest and first production species and this type depend on 100% natural potatoes and contain a percentage of oils up to 35%. It is the most widespread and popular product in the world and is considered the most difficult industry within this field because we are dealing in such a case with a natural and delicate raw material that gives potatoes and must be provided with high quality All year round, in addition to being a quick perishable product, it needs a cooling system and enough experience to maintain it.

Natural potato chips







Corn puffs:

Corn or puffed corn chips, which is the chips that consists of 100% corn grits and one of its most important features is that it is weak in weight, low in fat and not fried and contains a small percentage of oils, which are used for flavoring and varies according to the manufacturer and the amount of flavor added

This project is characterized by the low cost of investment compared to the projects of chips and snacks, and we at ZIRVE advise our clients and those coming to work in the field of making chips and snacks always to start first in the manufacture of corn chips as it is a relatively easy project and its primary materials are widely available and the manufacturing process is simple and not complicated at all in addition to the presence A large number of forms that can be produced, which are constantly increasing and developing, in addition to the high profitability of the product compared to its production costs.

Corn puffs:


 Tortilla Chips:

It is one of the types of fried chips and its main material is corn, which also contains a percentage of oils and is known for its triangular shape. The process of producing tortilla chips goes through many stages from mixing and kneading to forming, molding, frying, drying and flavoring. In ZIRVE we always advise our customers that this project be a developmental after gaining experience The types of chips mentioned above or requesting technical and technical support that ZIRVE provides permanently and free of charge to its customers in supervising the installation, operation and training.

Tortilla Chips

How to make chips in factories?

 The Potato Chips Factory produces thousands of chips per hour, and here is a simple description of how to produce them:

Special cutting potatoes are grown for their long shape for easy cutting. These potatoes contain a high percentage of starch and little sugar, as they remain thin on the inside and turn light brown on the outside when fried, then they are sold to potato chip companies.

 Potatoes are stored at a certain temperature environment; In order not to turn the starch into sugar, which spoils the potatoes, it can be stored in this way for about 4 months.


How to make chips in factories






The potatoes are washed, rubbed the skin with a dedicated machine, and then sorted according to size, and then they go through a special path to the slicing machine, which cuts them quickly with a sharp blade, and cuts the wavy chips with a serrated blade. The potato slices are washed to get rid of the starch that drips onto the edge once it is cut.


The potatoes are washed, rubbed the skin with a dedicated machine, and then sorted according to size, and then they go through a special path to the slicing machine

The potatoes are placed in a pot of vegetable oil that usually boils at 190 degrees Celsius, and when it is cooked, the water inside it turns into steam, and the steam is transferred to the top, and the area of ​​water inside the slide is replaced by oil, which makes the potato chips crisp, and when the chips mature, the starch color in the potato becomes Brown, and monitors make sure it turns the right color before removing it from the container.


The potatoes are placed in a pot of vegetable oil that usually boils at 190 degrees Celsius

The chips are salted and flavored, then placed in large containers, after which they are weighed and packed into packages. These packages or bags are collected in bundles for delivery to warehouses across the country, and the warehouse provides the store with a shipment of potato chips at the time he requests.

Therefore, fried potatoes or chips have a special place with everyone, so everyone can eat them, young and old, and they are appropriate at all times. The terrible and large variety of types of chips in different flavors is what distinguishes it. Cheese, onions and lots of different flavors.



What distinguishes the bags of chips is the ease of carrying them anywhere. You can take them with you to school, to work, or while taking children to the garden. Everyone loves chips.

So the site offers an impressive range of this great product

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