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Songs Poster (3-5 years) - 1PaysLess.com
Songs Poster (3-5 years) - 1PaysLess.com
Songs Poster (3-5 years)
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Songs Poster (3-5 years)

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  • The child listen to many meaningful songs which are set according to certain classifications such as ( Islam is our religion –patriotism –my school –my mother –my father -…etc) This will in turn reinforce the spirit of loyalty for the child.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                
  •  The advantages of Stylo Reader Pen is that it is an interactive teaching system for children.

    • By using Stylo Reader Pen learning becomes very interesting .
    • It teaches the child the correct reading of the words of Allah ( the All Mighty) along with explaining the words . It also enables the child to choose one of seven Quran reciters.
    • By using Stylo Reader Pen, children as well as fully grown people can learn very easily through many books in different fields : Arabic language ,English language ,Maths , science , General Culture ,Islamic books , Computer , The child's world : My home and my school- people – vegetables and fruits –Nature and time –Street and foods –Animals.
    • Stylo Reader Pen teaches the child the correct pronunciation of The English and Arabic words.
    • The system of the teaching talking pen reinforces the syllabuses of kindergarten stage since it is directed to children from three to seven years old.
    • Stylo Reader Pen is your child's best friend .he can use it any time any where :AT home ,at school ……in the park because it runs on the rechargeable lithium batteries which can run for a long time.
    • Stylo Reader Pen is supplied with 18 teaching posters which the child can stick on his room's wall.
    • Stylo Reader Pen is provided with an Audio system .its sound volume can be controlled by the icons that are printed on every book or through the functional card.
    • By using Stylo Reader Pen, the child can register his sound and compare it with the pronunciation in the book.
    • Stylo Reader Pen is supplied with a plug for the headphone so that the child doesn't disturb others during learning .
    • Stylo Reader Pen can also work as a song operater (MP3) .so you can store as many songs as you wish in the Pen's memory .
    • Your child can go to bed while his friend (Stylo Reader Pen) is telling stories since it closes automatically after the end of the story.
    • The products of the Talking Pen are:
      • The teaching bags.
      • books.
      • stories.
      • Teaching posters.
      • Cards.
      • The Holy Quran products.
      • Islamic products.
      • Teaching Arabic.
      • Teaching English.
      • Teaching Math.
      • Other teaching and recreational products.