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Kids story Set (3-11) - 1PaysLess.com
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Kids story Set (3-11)

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Eainstylo is pleased to offer this value series for our children in the Arab and Muslim world who are between the ages of 3-11 years old.

And its purpose is to:

  • Attract and motivate the children for reading, as the book is an important source of knowledge.
  • Provide positive values and attitudes to children with interesting stories said on the tongues of animals, together with very beautiful drawings like paintings, which endear these concepts for them, and encourage them to incorporate with these positive values.
  • Teach the child to use Arabic and English scripts according to their place and appearance in the word.
  • Enrich the child's language and the acquisition of a second language so he will reach the end of the series by gaining more than 1,000 new expressions and terms which reflect more than 100 idea or concept or human value, and thus increasing the child's intellectual and linguistic balance, and he will penetrate deeply into the concept of religiosity and good citizenship.