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Expo Set 3 - 1PaysLess.com
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Expo Set 3

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 Expo'E' for learning english:

  • Learn and speak fluent English with the global approach Expo.
  • The Viewing and Speaking Syllabus (sound and picture) aims to enable the learner to develop his English Language skills to the desired level in order to compete in the work market and join the higher Education.
  • This syllabus has been developed in accordance with the basic criteria for teaching language according to the common European Framework Reference for Languages.
  • It rests on the tow principles of teaching and evaluation as well as dividing the teaching stages according to the level which the language learner desires to reach.
  • This collection contains 4 books and 2 CDs.
  • This collection contains two levels each level contains two phases
    • Advanced 2 Levels.
    • Professional 2 Levels.
  • New releases:
    • Beginner 2 Levels.
    • Basic 2 Levels.
    • Intermediate 2 Levels .
    • Upper Intermediate 2 Levels.
  • Work Books on the company's websiteDownload Page