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Diana || Corn Curls || Churritos Snack (52g) (1.83 oz)
Diana || Corn Curls || Churritos Snack (52g) (1.83 oz)
Diana || Corn Curls || Churritos Snack (52g) (1.83 oz)
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  • SKU: diana-corn-curls-churritos-1.83oz

Diana || Corn Curls || Churritos Snack (52g) (1.83 oz)

  • Vendor: Diana
  • Product Type: chips
  • Barcode: 748757000019

Diana Corn Curls (cheese covered extruded snack) is small in size, has a somewhat uniform appearance but is very unusual, shaped like a crescent, and the pieces were of a general orange color, with some dark red spice spots.

They provoked all kinds of reactions from our snacks, as some liked the cheese flavor a lot, the distinctive and very wonderful taste that can be eaten anytime and anywhere for those who love the cheese flavor from Diana Corn Curls (cheese covered extruded snack).

Product of El Salvador cheese flavor to give you a delicious taste.

There is a good crunch to the chips, and not as much sodium as you might think, savory corn from Central America.

Ingredients Corn Grits, Palm Oil, Cheddar Cheese (Cow's Milk, Salt, Cheese Cultures, Enzymes), Sweet Whey, Iodized Salt, Disodium Phosphate (Emulsifier), Artificial Colors:

  • FD&C Yellow 5, FD&C Red 3, FD&C Yellow 6, Bixin (Natural Color), Antioxidants (Propylene Glycol, TBHQ, Citric Acid) (52g).



  • The wonderful taste of Diana Corn Curls (a snack covered with cheese) Most of the flavor comes from the cheese flavor that young and old love. Enjoy eating it with special meals. It is crunchy, delicious and rich in spices.
  • Diana Corn Curls (a light meal covered with cheese) can be served alongside meals or as a snack, preferably while watching movies with family or friends; it is really a wonderful experience of crunchy and distinctive taste.
  • Diana Corn Curls (a light meal covered with cheese) can be enjoyed on trips and barbecues, the distinctive and crunchy flavors that appear in the mouth with every bite.
  • Diana Corn Curls (cheese coated snack) are placed in sealed bags that are easy to carry everywhere; every bite is worth a try.
  • Diana corn  Curls (a snack covered with cheese) crunchy and rich in the flavor of the distinctive barbecues, enjoy it, it can be eaten at any time, its attractive yellow color makes you want to eat more with every piece, it is delicious and satisfies your hunger.