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Sunan Ibn Majah book
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Sunan Ibn Majah book


Sunan Ibn Majah is one of the books of the hadiths of the Prophet, and it is the sixth of the six books that are the origins of the noble Prophet’s Sunnah by its author Ibn Majah Abu Abdullah Muhammad bin Yazid al-Qazwini. Books and chapters, and scholars disagreed about its status as Sunnah books. And the Sunnahs of Ibn Majah, including: the correct, the good, the weak, and even the wrong and the subject of a few. Whatever the case, the fabricated hadiths are few in relation to the total hadiths of the book, which exceeds 4000 hadiths. And he died in 273 AH.


  1. I showed these Sunnahs to Abu Zar'ah al-Razi, and he looked at them, and he said: I think if this happened in the hands of the people, these mosques, or most of them, would cease to exist.
  2. Calculate you from a book presented to Abu Zar'ah Al-Razi, and he mentions these words after careful consideration and criticism.
  3. The author of the well-known Sunnah, which is indicative of his work and knowledge, his navigation and his knowledge, and his followers of the Sunnah in its origins and branches, and it includes thirty-two books, a thousand and five hundred chapters, and four thousand hadiths, all of which are horses except for the small.
  4. And a useful book strong tabulation in jurisprudence.
  5. His book, a useful and powerful book in jurisprudence, but it contains very weak hadiths, and even denounced it.