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Songs book (3-7 years) - 1PaysLess.com
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Songs book (3-7 years)

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Einstylo presents the book of songs from the audiobook series for children (3: 7) years old.

A distinctive collection of songs that stimulate the mind of children at this sensitive age, the diversity in the hymns is what distinguishes the book of songs from Einstylo, as each song has a specific goal that reaches children in an easy way that suits their minds.

The unique songbook from Einstylo increases children's enthusiasm for reading Book.

Easy and easy to carry everywhere, simple and fun for children and parents, get the complete unique and easy educational series for children (3: 7) years old.


  • Book of songs a collection of fun songs for children from (3: 7) years old.
  • Book of songs each song has a special character and has specific simple and easy goals that suit children of this age group.
  • Book of songs the unique book of songs preferred by children develops the cognitive abilities of the child when it contains distinct goals.
  • Book of songs Light and easy to carry everywhere, it is illustrated and fun for children.
  • Book of songs it is easy for children to understand, as it is loved by parents for spending quality time reading songs with children.