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New Stylo The Educational Comprehensive Kit (12+ years) - 1PaysLess.com
  • SKU: ECK01

New Stylo The Educational Comprehensive Kit (12+ years)

$113.00 $125.99

This educational bag is directed to children 12+ years of age .

This educational bag has been designed in a very exciting and interesting way which in cites the child to think and learn quickly .

It contains 16 books , stories ,educational posters, cards and CD's in different fields in both English and Arabic.

It contains the following:

  • The book of Islam is my religion
  • Arabic Is My Language Book
  • English for All Book Level 1
  • The Greater Cultural Competition Book
  • Daily Azkar Card
  • Function Card
  • Songs Poster
  • Times Table poster
  • Little red riding hood story
  • Honesty Story
  • Cooperation Story
  • Cinderella story –The Girl of the Ash
  • Teaching Arabic CD
  • English Phonetics CD
  • Geography and Astronomy CD