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Nada and Colours story in Arabic (3-5 years) - 1PaysLess.com
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Nada and Colours story in Arabic (3-5 years)

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Einstylo offers a group of wonderful stories for children, a collection of educational and fun stories for children, including the story of Nada and the colors in which the child learns the time and its different and varied names.

An interesting story for children that suits their age .

The child enjoys the colors within the story by viewing the pictures and learning about the color grades and their different names.

Nada and  story for children:

  • Publisher: Qitaf Al-Dania Publishing House.
  • Type: Paper
  • Size: 24x17
  • The number of pages is 15 pages.
  • Edition: 1.
  • Volumes: 1
  • Language: Arabic
  • A recommended age of 3: 5


  • Nada and Colours story in Arabic distinctive to teach the child colors and their names.