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La Bayamesa Caribena Coco Blanco (Coconut Candy), Premium Coconut & Milk Candy Snack 5 OZ / (141G)
  • SKU: bayamesa-caribena-blanco-5oz

La Bayamesa Caribena Coco Blanco (Coconut Candy), Premium Coconut & Milk Candy Snack 5 OZ / (141G)


A traditional gourmet coconut milk candy from LA BAYAMESA! If you love coconut, milk, and sugar, this is your lucky day! After generations of keeping this recipe a family secret, Rodrigo decided to share it with every coconut lover and help you and your loved ones enjoy an absolutely delicious coconut snack.

You can add it to other delicious ingredients to get chocolate covered coconut candy, Same great taste ferrero rocher fine milk chocolate and coconut candies Simple Pure Ingredients:

  • Each premium dessert contains 3 main ingredients; Organic coconut, whole milk, and sugar.

  • There are no artificial additives, no flavor enhancers, and no preservatives.

  • Unique flavor and balance  Unlike all those juicy and sticky coconut snacks, the gourmet snack bar Lychee di Coco is crunchy on the outside and smooth on the inside - making you crave more.

  • Freshness individually packed, we prepare our coconut candy bars in small batches by hand and ship them in individual sealed packages, which will preserve the freshness of all.

  • Eat it now as everyone prefers it, young and old, who like to eat delicious coconut candy. 5 OZ (141G).


  • The wonderful and delicious taste of the distinctive coconut dessert that melts in the mouth with every bite, eat it and feel the wonderful taste of coconut with delicious cream Try it now what a wonderful experience.

  • The crunchy outer crust and the center, rich in coconut flavor, delicious and smooth, will help you to travel to the world of dreams, with every piece you eat, you feel the enjoyment, as it tastes wonderful and delicious and rich in the favorite flavors of coconut that take you to the magical world of dreams.

  • Enjoy the wonderful and distinctive taste of delicious coconut balls with a cup of coffee or tea; enjoy it alone or with friends and relatives.

  • Surprise your kids, co-workers, and friends with these gluten-free Coconut Sugar Snack Bars made with 3 simple and fresh ingredients (organic coconut, whole milk, and sugar). Offer your loved ones our little white drops from heaven, they are special and delicious.

  • One piece is not enough, you will return more than one piece once you eat it you feel the desire to eat more This is exactly why we offer you a snack package consisting of 4 pieces fresh and irresistible, individually wrapped with coconut milk. 5 OZ (141G).

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