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Touchandlearn Quran Pen only
Touchandlearn Quran Pen only - 1PaysLess.com
Touchandlearn Quran Pen only
Touchandlearn Quran Pen only - 1PaysLess.com
Touchandlearn Quran Pen only
نفدت الكمية
  • SKU: T&L Q-Pen

Touchandlearn Quran Pen only



    Touch and learn


      • Smart design

      • Beautiful pen built-in lithium battery

      • User friendly designed and high quality voice

      • Portable and multifunctional

      • Provide immediate sentence to sentence translation

      • Storage : 8GB

      • Explanation of features

        Please Refer to the attached flyer to identify the buttons.

        Memorization button: التحفيظ

        This feature allows you to hear the ayah three times consecutively in order to facilitate for you the process of memorizing the ayah. This feature also can be useful for repeating the following tasks;  tajweed rules, text of al-Jazryyah, appropriate Hadeeth [that is related to the ayah]and the reason behind revelation of the ayah. All you need to do in order to benefit from this feature is to touch the button of memorization then touching the button of any of these mentioned tasks.

        Recording button: التسجيل

        This feature gives you the opportunity to test and evaluate yourself by knowing the level of your memorization, the accuracy and correctness of your pronunciation and whether you apply all the tajweed rules.  In order to activate this feature all you need to do is to touch the recording button then touching the full recitation button, in case you wanted to listen to the recitation of the full page and recording it. In case you wanted only to record a particular ayah then just touch the recording button then touch the ayah you would like to record then listen attentively to its recitation and then after you hear the beep sound start recording the ayah in your voice just as you heard it. By the time you finish, the talking pen will allow you to hear the recitation of the Shaykh then your own recitation so that you can compare your recitation with the Shaykh’s recitation in order to examine the accuracy of your pronunciation. 

        This feature is also used to help you recording the hadeeths as well as the reason behind revelation of Ayaat that you have memorized.

        Application button: التطبيقات

        This feature is the best function to confirm the correctness of information related to the explained tajweed ruling … This feature should ask you to search for words that include a particular tajweed ruling …the pen device then confirm whether your choice is correct or incorrect and it only gives you two attempts to find the correct answer and if you failed in your third attempt it will redirect you to the button of Tajweed rulings in order to listen to a very explained lesson about this particular ruling.

        Tajweed rulings button: أحكام التجويد

        This feature provides you with a clear and simple explanation to the tajweed rulings that exist in a particular ayah along with explanatory examples. Then show where this particular ruling exists in the page. 

        Words Explanation button: شرح المفردات

        It is a very important and useful feature that is needed by young and grownups alike; regardless of their cultures and interests because it explains to whoever recites the Quran the difficult meanings of some words that he/she come across while reciting the Quran and as a result assist him to understand the general meaning of the noble ayaat.

        Recitations button (Dialects): القراءات

        This is indeed a great feature that benefits students of knowledge, experts and interested ones in the science of Qira’aat (i.e. science of recitations). This features remarks the places that are recited differently to the recitation of Hafs. In order to facilitate using this feature, all words that are different in recitation to Hafs are underlined in red. All you need to do is simply touch the Qira’aat button then touching the underlined word and then you will be able to recite to how these words are recited according to the other different Qira’aat; Warsh – Qaloon – al-Doori – al-Soosi – Shu’bah.

        Grammar of the Quran (Chapter 30 ONLY): إعراب القرآن

        This is a great feature that has always been a dream to students of knowledge…This feature assist those who have interest in the Arabic language in general and those who have interest in learning the grammar of the ayaat of the Quran in particular, to listen to the I’raab of words and sentences they select clearly and in simple manner. This should help them to understand the noble Quran and make them in no need for referring to big volumes references that are special for Arabic grammar. (This feature is only used for Juzz A’mma; chapter 30) 

        Full Tafseer button (Chapter 30 ONLY): التفسير الكامل

        This button offers simple yet comprehensive tafseer that elucidate the full meaning of each recited ayah in addition to some unrevealed  meanings  and important aims that the ayah underpin. (This feature is only used for Juzz A’mma; chapter 30)

        Languages button: (English, Melayu, Francais, Deutscher, 5th language)

        Note: the 5th language button  is preloaded to be the URDU language

        A great feature that is beneficial to non-Arabic speakers. By touching this button and the selecting the language of your choice, you can listen to the translation of the meanings of any ayah you like and in the language that you select.  It also assists students of knowledge learning new languages and how to correctly pronounce words in the following languages; English, Malay, French and German languages.  You can also add an additional language you like by choosing the 5th language” button so long the file of this language is available on our website on the internet.  

        Stop button: RED square top right or left corner of the page.

        This button functions to stop any task that you have selected previously even if such task has not been completed. The purpose of this button is to allow you to select another task or so that the sound automatically restored to the recitation mode.

        Full recitation button: green play sign top right or left corner of the page.

        This feature enables you to listen to the other available features in the full page and not just ayah by ayah. All you need to do is simply touch the button of the task you would like then touch the full recitation button when you would like to listen to the recitation of the full page or to listen to the explanation of all words in that page or all the grammar existing in the page or its tafseer. Similarly, when you want it to repeat for you the recitation three times you just need to touch the full recitation button then the memorization button.

        Appropriate Hadeeth (that is related to the ayah) button: (inside border of the page) حديث مناسب

        This is a very nice feature as it shows you one hadeeth or more that supports the meaning of the ayah or gives further understanding to its meaning. It also gives you a brief referencing to the hadeeth. The button of this feature is located in front of the ayah right in the inside index of the page.

        Reason behind revelation button: (inside border of the page) سبب النزول

        This feature make you enjoy the ayah by living the actual reasons behind the revelation the day it was sent down by Allah from above to the heart of the Prophet . All this can happen with a touching this button that is located in front of the ayah right in the inside index of the page.

        The symbols of Tajweed rulings bar: (colored symbols at the bottom of the page)

        This bar includes symbols that are used to represent all the tajweed rulings that are used in every word of each ayah in this Mushaf. All that you need to do is to touch any of these symbols in the bar and you will instantly hear a brief explanation to what the ruling that this symbol represent with examples on how to pronounce it.

        Loudspeaker button: (bottom of the page next to 5th Language buttom)

        This button enables you to increase the volume to its maximum level or lower it to the minimum level. All you need to do is just to touch the volume columns and the sound will increase or decrease accordingly.

        Names of reciters button: (bottom of the page)

        This feature gives you the opportunity to select the recite of your choice. We have selected for you recitations of the Imams of the Haram of Mecca (al-Sudais and al-Shuraym) and from the Shaam region we selected for you the recitation of a Shaykh who is a memorizer and collector of the various Quran recitations; Shaykh al-Habash.

        In order to benefit from this feature you need to simply select the name of the recite that you would like to hear the full Quran or particular ayaat or even one single ayah in his voice.  This features also gives you the option to listen to the same ayah in the voice of all the reciters one by one by simply touching each time the name of the reciter.

        Index: (at the end of the book)

        The index at the end of the page as seen on the website video demonstration gives the verse according to the topic based on the number of the surah and verse.

        My respected brother/sister if you decided to benefit from the features of the talking pen, do not forget that you still can do some of the previous mentioned tasks and benefiting from them at the same time.

        Try it yourself and explore the unique features of the talking pen and its astonishing options.

        We ask Allah, Most High, to make this unique work a support and useful mean for others to understand the noble Quran.