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Balloons Big princess Birthday Party Balloon - 1PaysLess.com
  • SKU: 85-18S7-JJVO

Balloons Big princess Birthday Party Balloon

$9.35 $11.99

Product Description:

Balloons come not inflated. Helium is needed to inflate it. Once inflated, it immediately becomes ready for adventures. These re-fillable toys feed the imagination of their owners for 1-2 weeks before needing another "shot" of helium. Then they are ready to play again. 


  • Material of walking balloon is non-allergenic.
  • Walking animal pet balloons can be used for birthday party, baby shower, anniversaries, weddings and banquets.
  • These balloons will not fly away when inflated, even though your kid leaves them somewhere.

The Balloons are mass produce, we check the appearance but can't inflate one by one and so may be air leakage possible. And if such is the case, then please kindly contact us to replace it before leaving any feedback.