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Palestinian AL’ARD Products

by teem online 13 Oct 2020


Palestinian AL’ARD Products

Its headquarters is the Land Company in Nablus, which aims to produce and export high quality agricultural products to the local, regional and international markets. It also aims to raise global awareness of Palestinian agricultural products. Al-Ard Company owns the largest storage and production base for olive oil in the Middle AL’ARD, and it is mentioned that the company's production reached the American, Canadian, European, Malaysian, Japanese and Arab Gulf countries.

Palestinian AL’ARD Products


Of the products of the earth company

AL’ARD virgin olive oil and extra virgin olive oil

High quality Palestinian olive oil that combines great taste and health benefits, extracted by traditional methods distinguished by its originality.

The olive tree is one of the main crops in Palestine, whose number exceeds ten million trees, which are planted in an area of ​​more than 900 thousand dunams, which constitutes 50% of the cultivated area and occupies most of the mountainous areas. This tree is considered the most widespread compared to other fruit trees, as it constitutes an area of ​​more than 80%. From the area of ​​fruit trees .

AL’ARD virgin olive oil and extra virgin olive oil

The olive tree is one of the seven types of fruits that bless this sacred country. The Almighty said, “It is lit from a blessed olive tree, neither eastern nor western,” meaning No. 35 of Surat Al-Nur.

Habitat of the olive tree

Botanists and agricultural scientists differed about the original home of the olive tree, as some believe that the homeland of the olive tree is the countries of East Asia as it was famous for the countries of the White Sea, and our country is one of these countries that have cultivated olives since ancient times.


Habitat of the olive tree


It is also believed that the educational home of the olive is Palestine, which was known there since ancient times and from there it spread to Egypt, Greece and Italy and from these countries to the rest of the Mediterranean countries. Jerusalem was known as the city of olives just as Mecca was known as the city of dates, and Damascus was the city of figs.

Olive cultivation in Palestine reached its peak in terms of development and methods that were used in cultivating orchards, where Rome, Greece and the countries of North Africa were established by following these methods.

Olive cultivation in Palestine reached its peak in terms of development and methods that were used in cultivating orchards

The importance of the olive tree does not come from a vacuum. The composition and components of olive oil gave it this great importance as it contains unsaturated fatty acids, which are very necessary as these acids work to reduce high cholesterol in the blood as it contains special vitamins known as antioxidants as well as Some compounds, such as polyphenols, all of these compounds, which are high in olive oil, reduce the incidence of high cholesterol, in other words, reduce arteriosclerosis and thus reduce heart disease.

Laboratory tests proved that the percentage of Palestinian olive oil contains the most phenols in the world, and this is what laboratory tests have proven.

Recent scientific research conducted on olive oil has proven that this oil has healing and therapeutic properties for many diseases and health problems that humans suffer and as a result of these research results, most of the non-olive producing countries such as the United States, Japan, Australia, Canada and many European countries have begun to encourage their citizens to increase their consumption rate. From olive oil, these countries have actually become major consumers of it.

Palestinian AL’ARD Products

The following are the most important health benefits that have been proven by research

  1. Olive oil and atherosclerosis

Research has proven that olive oil reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease caused by excess bad cholesterol in the blood. Because it works to reduce harmful cholesterol by preventing the conversion of beneficial cholesterol into harmful cholesterol, and thus the process of deposition of cholesterol on the walls of blood vessels decreases and thus reduces the incidence of strokes and other associated diseases such as blood pressure and atherosclerosis.

Studies have shown that the incidence of atherosclerosis in countries that depend on animal fats is five times higher than in countries that depend on olive oil for nutrition as a source of fat.


Olive oil and atherosclerosis
  1. Olive oil and skin

Olive oil helps to give the greased skin smoothness, freshness and non-chapping, as it contains pigment materials that protect it from rays, and olive oil reduces skin infections.

The Messenger of God, may God bless him and grant him peace, said, "Eat oil and anoint with it, for it is from a blessed tree."

  1. Olive oil and cancer:

Recent studies have shown that olive oil protects against many types of cancer such as stomach and intestinal cancer, breast cancer and prostate cancer, and this is due to the many antioxidants present in olive oil that prevent the growth of cancer cells.


Olive oil and cancer:
  1.  Olive oil and high blood pressure:

It was found that people who eat from 30-50 grams per day of olive oil have a significant decrease in cases of high blood pressure, and that those with this disease work to reduce their blood pressure and provide the consumption of blood pressure-reducing drugs by 50%.

  1.  Olive oil and diabetes:

Olive oil encourages the action of the hormone insulin and ensures better control of blood sugar, which is why it is recommended for diabetics.

 Olive oil and diabetes:
  1. Olive oil and the body's immune system:

Olive oil strengthens the immune system in the human body, and therefore people who consume olive oil continuously and in good quantity have higher resistance to diseases than people who do not consume the oil.

  1. Olive oil and aging:

It was found that olives impede aging and aging thanks to their containment of many antioxidants such as phenols and vitamin E, and studies have shown that people who consume good amounts of olive oil have a higher life expectancy rate than people who consume modest amounts.

  1. Olive oil and liver disease:

Olive oil helps dissolve fats in the body, strengthen the liver, increase its activity, and improve its functions, especially in eliminating toxins that enter the body.

  1.  Olive oil reduces the risk of stroke.
  2. Olive oil treats dandruff on the head:

People with dandruff are advised to do a head bath with olive oil to treat dandruff once a week.

Olive oil treats dandruff on the head:
  1. Olive oil treats coughs:

And that by rubbing the chest and back of the victim with olive oil .

  1. Olive oil strengthens the retina and delays the appearance of visual impairment.
  2. Olive oil, stomach and intestines

It facilitates digestion and absorption, treats ulcers, promotes gallbladder action and secretion, and treats constipation due to the presence of the fatty acid called oleic.

  1. Olive oil is an aperitif.
  2. Olive oil and fetal and child growth:

Research has shown that a pregnant mother's intake of olive oil helps in the growth and development of the brain and bones of the fetus, and it is necessary for children who are deprived of their mother's milk because it contains linoleic acid in almost the same proportion as breast milk.

  1. Olive oil reduces the formation of stones in the kidneys and gallbladder.
  2. Olive oil strengthens the memory and the network of nerves in the body and the brain.                                                                                               
    Olive oil strengthens the memory and the network of nerves in the body and the brain.
  3. Olive oil and sex:

It was found that olive oil treats impotence because it contains vitamin E and increases desire and strength in sexual intercourse

  1. Olive oil in Arab and popular medicine:

It was mentioned that olive oil has many benefits in Arab medicine, as it treats acne, darkening of the face around the eyes, sunstroke, the beauty of the skin, skin and nails, dry hair, pounding nails, care for the beauty of arms and legs, prevention of dry elbows and knees, as it treats cracked skin, breasts, lips and dry face.

Hence, in general, it can be said that consuming olive oil constantly helps in treating many aforementioned diseases.

2-Palestinian thyme :

Traditional Palestinian thyme, dried under the sun, carefully and carefully mixed with local sesame, sumac and salt Natural and healthy



Palestinian thyme


Benefits of thyme:

Get rid of cough:

Thyme is used to get rid of coughs that affect humans, and it also works to treat bronchial infections, colds and influenza, and it is very useful for the respiratory system, treatment of sputum, fevers and severe cough.

Immune booster:

Thyme contains vitamin C, and it also contains vitamin A, which strengthens the immune system and protects against various diseases of the immune system and resistance to infections.

Mood improvement:

Thyme significantly improves mood, as it works to protect the brain with age, and it also stimulates and strengthens nerve cells.

Mood improvement

Benefits of thyme with sesame:

  • Thyme and sesame help to strengthen the hair from the roots to the ends, and they also increase the shine and strength of the hair.
  • Thyme and sesame strengthen the immune system and help in strengthening muscles.
  • Combining them protects the heart from crises and diseases that afflict it, and helps to strengthen the heart muscle and protects against clogging of the arteries.
  • It helps to pass urine well and get rid of toxins in the body. Different types of sesame help the body get rid of diseases
  • Thyme and sesame protect the teeth from decay and relieve pain in the teeth and protect against gum infections.                                                
    Thyme and sesame protect the teeth from decay and relieve pain in the teeth and protect against gum infections
  • Boiled thyme with sesame helps get rid of headaches quickly and purifies the blood of toxins.
  • Thyme and sesame treat urinary tract infections.
  • The mixture strengthens eyesight and helps protect the eyes from diseases that afflict them.
  • To get rid of respiratory diseases, boiled thyme can be eaten with sesame, with honey added to it.
  • It protects the kidneys from stones and also helps expel worms.
  • The mixture of thyme and sesame protects against cancerous diseases because they contain antioxidants.
  • Using thyme and sesame or using them separately helps to protect the body from various diseases and prevent them, so make sure to eat it as a drink or add it to different foods

AL’ARD products are distinguished and have many benefits. All our products are rich in vitamins, which are essential for a healthy body and better health.


AL’ARD products are distinguished and have many benefits. All our products are rich in vitamins, which are essential for a healthy body and better health.
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