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Learn Quran with your Own Home Quran Tutor

by Seemab Rao 05 Jul 2018

One Touch Quran: Your New Home Quran Tutor:

With ever expanding and sophisticated digital technology, it has become a lot easier to access things remotely and without any dependency. Considering that we have developed a Digital Quran Pen, a Quran which will become your Home Tutor, through which you can read and learn Quran effortlessly.

What’s Digital Quran Pen:

Digital Quran Pen (E-Pen) is a world in itself for those fortunate Muslims who have the urge to read and learn Quran in a phenomenal way. It is a new Home Quran Tutor which will help you to understand Quran endlessly, you’d be able to comprehend Quran adeptly. The most important aspect of this Digital Quran is that it will help you to comprehend Quran from the comfort of your house.

Features of One Touch Mus’haf Digital Quran:

This E-Quran is just a single touch to recitation, memorization, translation, tajweed rules, tajweed symbols, recording and evaluating your own recitation in different dialects (Qira’at).

Apart from these basic essentials of Quran, your very own Home Quran Tutor will also help you to upturn your Quranic vocabulary, it will help you ascertain reasons of revelation by Imam as Suyouti, hadith related verse when applicable, Tafseer juz amma and a lot more.

How one Touch Mus’haf Quran Teacher Works:

For memorization purpose, a verse will be repeated for three times, you can record your recitation of verse and can repeat it with the dialect of your favorite Qari. You can practice one tajweed rule in each page of Mus’haf. Tajweed rules can easily be identified through color-coded Quran text. The symbols of Tajweed are also well-explained which will help you to recite Quran appropriately.

This Digital Quran Mus’haf will facilitate you to listen Quran with different dialects of your favorite Qari, you can also download and listen to additional Qaris of your choice e.g. Meshary Rashid Afasy, Abdul Basit, al Hussary, and many more.

Grammar rules applicable to each word in the verse (Juz Amma only) Verse by verse Tafseer of Sheikh Mohammad Rabit Annabulsi (Juz Amma only), in Arabic.

 This E-Quran will also help you to read and listen to verse by verse translation in different languages like English, Malay French. Urdu, German, Turkish and many more. You can also download translation in other languages apart from above-mentioned languages.


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