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Benefits of Eating Dates

by Hosam Hegi 13 Sep 2021


dates medjool

Dates, a high fruit spread in the Arab world. In the past, the Arabs relied on it in their daily lives, and dates take an oval shape and their size varies between 20 to 60 mm in length and 8 to 30 mm in diameter. The ripe fruit consists of a solid core surrounded by a paper cover called quagmire, which is separated from the flesh portion that is eaten.

date farm

Growing stages


The pollen is the first appearance of the fruit, and this pollination phase begins immediately with a short period of 4-5 weeks.



    The khalal is the second phase of the date fruit growth, and the fruit begins to elongate and becomes green in color and is characterized by a rapid increase in weight and size.


      The pessary phase is characterized by slow weight gain, changing color to yellow, red, or blond, and its duration is 3-5 weeks.


        The rutab begins in the sins of the sour stage and then pervades it, so the fruit becomes moist, it becomes watery and sweet, and the period ranges from 2-4 weeks.

          wet dates

          It is the final stage of the fruit and soft varieties. The flesh may stick to a texture, darken the color, and freeze the crust. It is mentioned that there are more than 450 types of dates on the top.

          Dates contain high nutritional value and have been considered an essential food for humans since ancient times. The fruits of dates are the highest in fruits containing sugars.

          health benefits dates

          These components differ according to the nature of the fruit, whether it is wet, semi-dry, or dry, as well as according to the environmental conditions surrounding the trees, and the components of the fruits differ according to the varieties and the proportion of sugars in the date exceeds 70-78% of the components of the fruit.

          10 dates (about 100 grams) per day enrich a person with all his daily needs of magnesium, manganese, copper and sulfur, and half of his calcium and potassium needs.

           The health benefits of dates


          Dates are of great nutritional value and are tonic for muscles and nerves, restorative and delay the manifestations of aging, and if milk is added to it it was one of the best food, especially for those whose digestive system was weak

          Pass from Iraq

          The nutritional value of dates is comparable to some of the types of meat and three times the nutritional value of fish, and it benefits people with anemia and chest diseases and is given in the form of paste or drenched, boiled and drunk in batches, and it is especially useful for children, young people, young people, athletes, workers, coffee drinkers, thin women, pregnant women, dates fruits

          Palestine dates

          Dates increase the weight of children, maintain eye moisture and luster, prevent bulging ball and wicker, fight blurring, strengthen vision and hearing nerves, calm nerves and strengthen them, fight nervous anxiety, stimulate the thyroid gland, spread peace and calm in the soul by eating it in the morning with a cup of milk, soften blood vessels, moisturize the intestine, keep them from weakness and inflammation, and strengthen the chambers The brain and sexual strength, strengthens the muscles, and combats dizziness, blurred vision, slackness and laziness, especially when fasting and exhausted.

          Dates are easy to digest and have a quick effect in revitalizing the body, generating urine, cleansing the liver, washing the kidneys, and infusing them. Milk increases its effect and dates are only forbidden for obese and diabetics


          It has been found that the wet contains a substance that constricts the uterus similar to oxytocin, so eating the wet helps the exit of the fetus and reduce the bleeding after childbirth, since the wet contains substances preserving blood pressure, this also helps to reduce bleeding, as well as the stressful labor process, which requires energy and the wet is rich in sugar that gives this energy.

          Benefits of Dates

          As for the vitamin (A) that dates contain, it aids growth, protects against night blindness, and helps the skin and the soft, moist membranes that line the nose and throat to remain healthy.

          The vitamin (B) in dates maintains the integrity of the nervous system, prevents nerve tension and blockage of appetite, helps digest cream and fat, maintains the integrity of the tongue, lips and eyelids, and protects against puffers (an illness accompanied by a rash, weakness, and intestinal and nervous system disturbance).

          As for the date sugars, they are glucose, lactulose, and saccharose that the body absorbs and is easily assimilated. They quickly reach the blood, tissues and cells in the brain and muscles, giving them strength and heat. They are diuretics and beneficial to the kidneys and liver. Dates are rich in phosphorous, which increase brain vitality and sexual activity.

          General tonic for the body, treats anemia and prevents nerve disturbances, as it contains a high content of sugar and potassium

              - Increase the secretion of hormones that stimulate the secretion of milk for breastfeeding women (such as the hormone pro-lactin) due to the content of glycine and threonine.

              It is used to treat chronic constipation to stimulate bowel movement and flexibility, as it contains cellulosic fibers.

              Prevention of cancer: dates and rutab are among the most important foods that play a preventive role against cancer because they contain phenols and antioxidants.

          Dates are one of the most important foods rich in their content of compounds that stimulate the immune system. They are rich in their content of "beta 1-3 de glucan" and one of the most important benefits of this compound is to stimulate the body's immune system and also have the ability to combine, surround and encapsulate foreign substances in the body. It also identifies, contains, and destroys the remnants of cells destroyed in the body as a result of exposure to radiation (such as computer rays, medical X-rays, mobile phone rays, ultraviolet rays or rays emitted from flights).

          Contains vitamin [B1] [B2]. These vitamins strengthen the nerves, soften blood vessels, moisturize the intestine and save them from inflammation and weakness.

          Rich in phosphorous in a high percentage, it preserves eye moisture and luster, prevents night clouding and makes eyesight penetrating and perceptive at night as well as during the day. It benefits the elderly who have begun to suffer from hearing loss and tinnitus or, rather, auditory nerve weakness.

              It adds calm and rest to restless, anxious souls - The stomach can digest dates and absorb the sugars in them within an hour or a few hours.

          All types of dates are delicious and all are rich in health benefits. Enjoy eating this charming piece that is rich in all the nutrients the body needs. The diversity of types of dates is what makes them more attractive. Each type has a distinct and different taste and flavor, a distinctive, unique, different and interesting experience.


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